1.         judicial yellow book – "The JUDICIAL YELLOW BOOK1": catálogo com os nomes e contatos de magistrados e servidores da justiça
2.         to turn yellow – "Clinton turned yellow": ficar sem graça
3.         yellow alert – "In the case of a yellow alert, municipal-level emergency committees are activated and convene at least once a day to review changes in the situation and their impact on the communities": sinal amarelo, estado de atenção
4.         yellow journalism – "I am sure it was yellow journalism at best": jornalismo de Terceira, jornalismo sensacionalista
5.         yellow legal pad – "Thomas Harris attended the trial taking notes in longhand on yellow legal pads": o clássico bloco de notas amarelo usado por advogados americanos
6.         yellow press – "Don't forget that we're talking about a time in the' 70s and' 80s where the British yellow press was very, very powerful, and Freddie was definitely concerned that if he had come out earlier, it would have harmed Queen": imprensa marrom, imprensa amarela, imprensa sensacionalista, jornal de fofocas.
7.         yellow-dog contract – "A federal law prohibiting the use of yellow-dog-contracts on the railroads (Erdman Actof 1898) was struck down by the Supreme Court as an unconstitutional infringement upon the freedom of contract (Adair v. The United States)2": contrato de trabalho pelo qual o empregado se compromete a não se filiar a sindicato, contrato de trabalho que proíbe filiação sindical
8.         yellow-dog contract – "Dad was in part fascinated, "his daughter says", but he wanted some control over the film, and people kept sending him what he called a yellow dog contract": contrato com cláusula que proíbe a parte a não exercer atividade semelhante ou concorrente a da outra parte, que é normalmente o empregador. A referida cláusula também é conhecida por non-compete clause, NCC, ou covenant not to compete, CNC.
9.         yellow race – "Chinese are said to not only share a common ancestry, but also derive from progenitors who, in cons long before the Yellow Emperor, separated themselves from non-East Asians and spread from present south China to northeast Asia and beyond, thus becoming the core of the yellow race": raça oriental-asiática, raça amarela, raça mongólica