green area/green belt [cinturão verde] = A green belt or greenbelt is a policy and land use designation used in land use planning to retain areas of largely undeveloped, wild, or agricultural land surrounding or neighbouring urban areas. In essence, a green belt is an invisible line encircling a certain area, preventing development of the area allowing wildlife to return and be established.
green beret"In addition to the training on Mexican soil, U.S. Army Green Berets have been training in the United States hundreds of Mexican troops who form elite counter-narcotics and counterinsurgency battalions": forças especiais do exército, boinas verdes
green card – "Shusterman says that under the current rules, he advises such people not to apply for citizenship and not to leave the country expecting to re-enter on their permanent citizenship papers, commonly known as a green card": visto permanente
greenfield - área de terra sem infraestrutura construída, mas com projetos de obra no local
green light – "The county gave them a green light to do whatever they wanted": sinal verde, carta branca
green line – "The unprecedented evacuation of settlements in Sinai predicted the same alarming prospect for the settlers of Yesha (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) on the other side of the Green Line": Linha Verde
green paper – "The EC Commission is presently at the early stages of preparing a Green Paper on liability for environmental damage": Livro Verde, proposta do governo, declaração do governo
green party – "Failure could also have a negative impact on green parties' election polls": partido verde
green plan – "The Green Plan is the federal government's five year environmental plan": plano ambiental
green revolution – "The techniques whose adoption is shown here are the "green revolution" crop varieties developed through international exchange of materials, cross-breeding and local seed multiplication": revolução agrícola
green space – "In sum, the Plan's 30/30/30 strategy (30 acres of green space, 30,000 jobs, $30 million new tax revenues) would bring to the Site the kind of economic and community development and environmental protection never before seen in Somerville": área verde, vegetação
green water – "The green water environment extends from the outer edge of the brown-water layer past any continental shelves, archipelagos and islands; perhaps a thousand miles from shore": águas verdes
green-water navy – "A "green-water navy" is capable of defense of its nation in depth and is a significant offensive force within its territory": marinha de guerra que mantém alguma capacidade de operar nos oceanos, mas que não conta com navios de grande porte nem goza de grande autonomia, marinha de água verde
greenways [pista de bicicleta] or green wedges have a linear character and may run through an urban area instead of around it. They are long, narrow pieces of land, often used for recreation and pedestrian and bicycle user traffic, and sometimes for streetcar, light rail or retail uses.
Source: Migalaw et al
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