At What Age Do Translators Do Their Best Work?

"There is a theory that most rock musicians write their best music about 5 years after they first put together a band and start performing and writing songs.
I think it is safe to say that unlike rock musicians, translators don’t do their best work while they are still quite young, because they don’t really know anything about anything when they are still young, even the talented ones. Translators don’t need as much inspiration as writers or actors, although they do need some. But they definitely do need experience, and the more the better. Ten years of experience in the field of translation is better than nothing, but it is not much. Twenty years is better than ten, and thirty is better still.
I also think that because the work of translators is based on what they know about their languages and the world around them, most of them probably do their best work only after about at least two decades of solid experience in their chosen field, whether they translate mostly novels, or mostly patents as I do.
It’s quite possible that rock musicians do their best work after about 5 years, and retired patent lawyers and elderly patent translators after about 50 years on the job."