tr.v., whiled, whil·ing, whiles. To spend (time) idly or pleasantly: while the hours away.
How to  while away a Saturday afternoon...
Oh how I long to while away the hours sipping tea on that couch.
We can while away the hours with some cupcakes.
How To Trade While Away - Many have asked me over the years how I trade while on vacation. Here are my two rules: 1) I don’t trade during vacation, and 2) I close out all positions no matter what their upside potential before I leave.
       “Waiting for my physical at the doctor’s office, I whiled away the time reading the dessert recipes in an old copy of Gourmet magazine.”
         The expression “while away the time” is the only surviving context for a very old meaning of “while” as a verb meaning “to spend time.” Many people mistakenly substitute “wile,” but to wile people is to lure or trick them into doing something—quite different from simply idling away the time.