1. red flag – "Consecutive days billing more than 10 hours each is generally a red flag for legal auditors".  Tradução: ponto que chama atenção, ponto suspeito
2. red handed – "Now another "New York Times" reporter has been caught red handed for plagiarizing". Tradução: em flagrante
3. red herring – "The latter assertion is a red herring". Tradução: pista falsa, pista errada, pista enganosa, distração
4. red hook – "A Department of Justice Audit Report from March 2006 described Red Hook as "a system to collect voice and data calls and then process and display the intercepted information in the absence of a CALEA solution". Tradução: Red Hook, sistema de interceptação telefônica e de dados do FBI
5. red light – "He cursed the officers and drove off, running a red light and a stop sign". Tradução: sinal vermelho
6. redline – "First, the decision to redline is based on a subjective assessment of the likely effects of the race or ethnicity of potential buyers, the age of the housing stock, and the potential for financial loss in a given community". Tradução: negar hipoteca, deixar de aprovar hipotecas
7. redline – "If Duke is elected, Louisiana wouldn't just be redlined by business around the world; we'd be X-rated". Tradução: cortar, eliminar
8. redline – "We're going to load it to the max, at the redline, for six or seven seconds". Tradução: velocidade máxima do motor
9. redlined – "Rather than drive there, I call in through my notebook computer and download the settlement, make some editorial changes and send the redlined version via fax directly to the EPA to be on the right desk first thing Monday morning". Tradução: com revisão, com alterações
10. red scare – "American labor walked away from the macroeconomics of internal decision making in the work place during the Red Scare of the 1950s".  Tradução: perigo vermelho, ameaça vermelha, perigo/ameaça comunista
11. red tape – "They are also increasingly willing to travel, live and work abroad, in part out of frustration with the corruption and red tape that continue to stymie entrepreneurial ambitions inside Russia".  Tradução: burocracia
Source: Migalaw English