Novas palavras surgem todos os dias.
             “On October 1st, 2008, XXX began a blog entitled Motherlode for the YYY. …  The blog focuses on matters surrounding parenthood; topics range from what is the appropriate amount of sleep for a new parent to how to determine if you are bragging about your children. XXX headed up the Motherlode blog for three years, and in late September of 2011 announced she was leaving to join ZZZ, but that the Motherlode blog would still exist as a YYY product.
             On October 24th of this year, the ZZZ launched its parenting blog, Parentlode, authored by XXX. XXX  wrote that the new website’s name is a nod to readers who have e-mailed about equal parenting. The e-mailers commented that fathers, just as much as mothers, are involved in the parenting process.” [Source:http://www.ipbrief.net/2011/11/10/battle-of-the-blogs-new-york-times-sues-the-huffington-post-over-parenting-blog/]
“Mother lode is a principal vein or zone of veins of gold or silver ore. The term probably came
from a literal translation of the Spanish veta madre, a term common in old Mexican mining.
O jornal YYY entrou com um processo na Justiça dos EUA para obrigar o ZZZ a renomear um blog que tem nome similar a um blog seu. O blog "Parentlode", do YYY, pode confundir os leitores do "Motherlode", do ZZZ. Ambos os blogs tratam de assuntos relacionados a problemas de família.” [Fonte: Exame - http://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/empresas/noticias/nyt-processa-huffington-post-por-plagio]