(noun) a subsidiary company that is owned entirely (100%) by its parent company [subsidiária integral]: "Fasty Limited, a company incorporated in England, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fasty Inc., a company incorporated in the United States."
Related words and concepts
parent company - a company that owns enough voting shares in another firm, called the subsidiary, to control that company's management and operations
affiliated company - a company in which another company has a minority interest, or a company that is related to another company in some way
indirect subsidiary - the subsidiary of a subsidiary
Common phrases
"Smallco will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Bigco."
"We are offering you a contract with our wholly owned subsidiary."
Common mistake
Though often written as "wholly-owned" the correct form is not hyphenated: "wholly owned". With certain exceptions, adverbs ending in 'ly' always modify the word immediately following them. Thus, they do not require a hyphen to indicate which word they modify. This is true in both British and American English.
Source: YourDictionary