ANO NOVO: Boas Entradas e Ótimas Saídas!

The central Pacific Ocean island nation of Kiribati claims that its easternmost landmass, uninhabited Caroline Island, is the first to usher in the New Year.

AUSTRALIA – The fireworks of Sydney, the largest city in Australia, are one of the most-watched events on television worldwide.

BRASIL – As pessoas geralmente se vestem de branco e, no Rio de Janeiro, vão para a beira do mar ver os fogos. Em outras praias – Santos/Praia Grande – visitam a estátua de Iemanjá e lançam flores, perfumes e velas ao mar. Em São Paulo, há a corrida de São Silvestre na véspera do Ano Novo [que dá para assistir da minha janela].

FRANCE: They have a great show with fire works shot near the Eiffel tower. French people call New Year's Eve la Saint-Sylvestre. On this day they have a special feast called le Réveillon de Saint-Sylvestre in which they have nice dishes like pancakes and flavoured duck or goose. They drink champagne, a white sparkling wine produced in the Champagne Region of France. They also drink Vin chaud (hot wine), but sparkling cider is also common. They also have a festival cake called galette des rois which has sometimes a little king figure baked inside. They believe, like several other countries, that this nice dinner brings a nice year to the family.

UK: London has a major fireworks display along the River Thames, followed by a parade on New Year's Day. (Pena que os transportes públicos praticamente não funcionam nesse dia).

Bonne Année / Happy New Year /
Buon Anno / Feliz Ano Novo