Boisterous: [impetuoso, tumultuoso, irrequieto, violento]:Exuberant, loud, rowdy.
Rambunctious: [barulhento, agitado, violento]
--------"Prezada Mãe:  Seu filho... " [Tenho um sobrinho que não acreditava que havia mães que não recebiam esse recado da professora - minha irmã recebia tantos que ele já sabia de cor o conteúdo da mensagem. E, depois dos 30, além de ser um brilhante tecladista, com sua própria banda, retomou os estudos e é um advogado!]
--------Boisterous has been used by teachers for decades as a kind way of explaining to parents that their children were being bad. Being tactful, the teacher may say, "Oh, he's not bad. Just rambunctious and boisterous." Mom and Dad knew what the teacher meant, and you always heard from them when they got home from the conference. The meaning of the word depends highly on context: boisterous crowds are often the most fun to be a part of, but boisterous town hall meetings are not.
--------Boisterous can mean jolly and excited just as well as rowdy or unrestrained. It is one step removed, however, from being violently so. While often employed in terms of people, it may be used to describe rough, stormy weather, particularly on the sea. The adverb form boisterously and the noun boisterousness are seen less frequently but are no less grammatically correct.