sujeito a, contanto que (adverbial phrase): being under the authority, control or rule of something. "These rules are subject to three important exceptions."

Synonym: provided that : "The seller will deliver the goods by lorry, provided that the buyer makes available appropriate facilities for parking and unloading."

Antonym: notwithstanding: "The company continued to make automatic deductions from the consumer's bank account, notwithstanding the consumer's request that it stop doing so."

Common phrases
subject to review: it may be examined to determine whether it should be changed or corrected. "All proposed litigation is subject to review by the Department of Justice."
subject to change: it may be changed. "The price stated in the contract is subject to change in the event of significant increases or decreases in the price of raw materials."
subject to termination: something that can be brought to an end. "The contract was subject to termination upon one month's notice by either party."
subject to sale: depending on whether something is sold. "He purchased his new home subject to sale of his old home in order to avoid owning two homes and thus being unable to pay for the new home."
Source: Your Dictionary