Verb (rechear): used as a verb in its first sense, as to farce a turkey before baking it. In the second sense there is an adjective "farcical," and adverb "farcically," and a noun "farcicality," that expresses the quality of a literary farce.
Definition: (1) Stuffing, force-meat; (2) an exaggerated parody based on base humor, an artistic work with no redeeming social value that usually resorts to slapstick humor.
Suggested Usage: Today's word has two meanings that love to play together: "The turkey was a hit at dinner but the Brussels sprouts stuffed with grape jelly were a farced culinary farce!"

"Some might think farcical the new culinary craze in the US: a turkey farced with a chicken farced with a duck" (que imaginação!).

Por outro lado, "farci" é um termo popular da culinária francesa:"farci" (recheados): Poivron farci (peixe recheado), Aubergine farcie (beringela recheada), Tomate farci etc.
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