(absolutely is more used in spoken English)
completely or unconditionally; yes: used for emphasis; completely; utterly, unconditionally, thoroughly; see completely.
Positively = unquestionably, certainly, definitely; see surely.
"Absolutely100 per cent not guilty." —Simpson, O J (Orenthal James)

adv. 1 de modo absoluto 2 B de modo nenhum; de jeito algum 3 P sem dúvida que sim; certamente que sim <- Desejas passar? - A., minha senhora> ¤ uso além de adv. de modo, esta palavra é empregada no Brasil como adv. de negação e em Portugal como adv. de confirmação. [Houaiss]

claro que não: "Q.: Do you let your kids travel alone at night? A.: Absolutely not!"
concordo plenamente: "Absolutely!"
nenhum(a): He has absolutely no experience of marketing.
nada: He knw absolutely nothing about the business when he joined the firm.
totalmente: He made his reasons for resigning absolutely clear. Are you absolutely sure? This cake is absolutely delicious.

absolute majority = when a party or person wins more than half of the total votes in an election.

absolute zero = the lowest temperature that is believed to be possible.