Tribunal de Justiça (geralmente, de ordem superior, que julga recursos - Corte de Apelação)
Corte Suprema = Supremo Tribunal Federal
Corte de Apelação = Tribunal de Apelação
noun = An instrument for administering justicetribunal, forum, bench, bar, session, court of law, law court, judiciary, assizes, chancery, seat of justice; see also judiciary. Types of courts include: the Supreme Court, appellate court, Federal court, court of Chancery, court of equity, district court, county court, municipal court, probate court, traffic court, justice's court, magistrate's court, mayor's court, police court, military court, trial court, court of appeals. The home of a court, sense 2courthouse, justice building, court building, hall of justice, courtroom, federal building, county courthouse, municipal building, city hall, town hall. a person or persons appointed to try law cases, make investigations, etc.; judge or judges; law court a building or hall where trials are held, official investigations made, etc. a judicial assembly, whether civil, ecclesiastical, or military; also, a regular session of such an assembly;

court Law Definition n = A governmental body that adjudicates legal disputes by interpreting and applying the law to specific cases. See also trial. The regular session of a court. The judge or judges who sit on a court. The building or other locale where a judge or judges adjudicate legal disputes.appellate courtA court with jurisdiction to hear appeals from trial courts, administrative agencies, and, when there is an intermediate appellate court, lower appellate courts. See also trial court.

noun = an uncovered space wholly or partly surrounded by buildings or walls; courtyard
a special section or area of a building, as a museum, somewhat like such a space but roofed, as with a skylight; a short street, often closed at one end; a specially prepared space, usually quadrangular and often enclosed and roofed, for playing any of several games, as basketball, handball, tennis, or squash; any of the divisions of such a space; mansion or manor with a large, uncovered entrance area: now used only in proper names Hampton Court; a motel; the palace of a sovereign; the family, advisors, and attendants of a sovereign, considered as a group; a sovereign together with councilors, ministers, etc. as a governing body; any formal gathering, reception, etc. held by a sovereign; respectful or flattering attention paid to someone in order to get something; courtship; wooing; (Brit.) the board of directors of a corporation;

transitive verb = to pay respectful or flattering attention to (a person) in order to get something
to try to get the love of; seek as a mate; woo; to try to get; seek to court success; to make oneself open or liable to to court insults

intransitive verb = to carry on a courtship; woo;

adjective = of or fit for a court; court Related Forms;
court′er noun;
court Idioms; in one's court; in one's side of the court, as a ball in a tennis game; under one's control, as a decision to be made; out of court; without a trial in a law court; not important enough for consideration or examination; pay court to; to court, as for favor or love;

An enclosed, roofless area = square, courtyard, quadrangle, quad*, enclosure*, atrium*, forum*, patio*, plaza*, piazza*, common(s), close*, cloister; see also yard 1.
A sovereign and his or her surroundings; retinue, lords and ladies, ladies in waiting, attendants, suite, royal persons, staff, train, royal residence, palace, castle, hall, royal household, entourage; see also government 2, palace, royalty, ruler
1. An area for playing certain games = rink, ring, lists, cockpit, circus, the hardwood*; see also arena, field
2. pay court to = woo, court, solicit; see court 1.
To woo = invite, bid, solicit, address, beseech, entice, attract, allure, entreat, importune, sue for, pursue, follow, seek after, make suit, supplicate, plead, make love to, pay court to, pay attentions to, seek the hand of, pay one's addresses to, flirt with, philander, coquet, make overtures, make advances, go courting, propose, make a proposal, ask in marriage, set one's cap for*, pop the question*, chase*, run after*, make time with*, go steady*, go together*, go with*, make a play for*; see also accompany 1, date 2, flirt 1, woo 1.
To seek favor = cultivate, curry favor, attend, flatter; see grovel, praise 1, woo 2.

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