The judgment of a jury or judge that a person is guilty of a crime as charged. The state of being found or proved guilty: evidence that led to the suspect's conviction.  Condenação
The act or process of convincing. The state of being convinced. Synonym: certainty. A fixed or strong belief. Synonym: opinion // Certeza, opinião, convencimento
"Whatever Happened to First Class?
AS a longtime veteran of the coach cabin and all the horrors therein — the battles for overhead space, the wheelie-bag traffic jams, the knee-numbing legroom — one can only imagine my thrill when I boarded a recent American Airlines flight from San Jose, Calif., to Dallas. There I was, after all, in the first row. My seat was wide, the armrest was enormous, and the guys behind me were talking, businessman-style, about real estate and golf, bankruptcies and bogies. This was the high life, I figured, a conviction [certeza] that only intensified when the flight attendant approached with a silver tray and addressed me — unprompted — as “Mr. McKinley.” Then ...
           ... But while avoiding the epic security lines — reserved for those suspicious economy-class types — is certainly a perk, the first-class treatment apparently doesn’t always get you past the velvet rope. Holding a first-class ticket does not guarantee access to terminal clubs, something I discovered at Newark Liberty International Airport, where my $759.70 ticket — one way — wasn’t enough to get me into the United lounge, despite the fact that I was wearing my best (and only) suit." 
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