Those who study the history of English know that the word often misread as “ye” in Middle English is good old “the” spelled with an unfamiliar character called a thorn which looks vaguely like a Y but which is pronounced “TH.” So all those quaint shop names beginning with “Ye Olde” are based on a confusion: people never said “ye” to mean “the.” However, if you’d rather be cute than historically accurate, go ahead. Very few people will know any better.
Source: Common Errors in English
         Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (London, UK) is one of the few pubs in London that can justify the 'Ye Olde' in its name. It was well known in the 17th century and many pubs have previously occupied this site, one of them, the Horn Tavern is recorded in 1538.
         Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – England’s oldest inn, a pub today,
         A Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe (Orlando, USA) é uma loja de Natal, que funciona durante todo o ano no Magic Kingdom, vendendo produtos de Natal, em qualquer época do ano.