1.  grey area – "The fact is that there are still many grey areas in section 45 of the Act":: ponto obscuro, area nebulosa
2.  grey collar – "Grey collar refers to people in the workforce who are over 65, or the standard retirement age":: mão-de-obra acima de 65 anos, aposentados que continuam no mercado de trabalho
3.  grey collar work"We really have at least gray collar work, and skilled trades jobs are highly remunerative and available":: atividades que não são consideradas blue collar nem white collar, entre as quais as dos setores de agribusiness, saúde, segurança, alta tecnologia, alimentos
4.  grey goods – "These are cases of "grey goods". They may also be called cases of "parallel imports" where their importation has not been authorized by the local intellectual property owner and they thus flow in channels parallel to imports that are authorized by that owner":: produtos vendidos no mercado paralelo
5.  grey market – "This gray market benefits some Tibetans enormously, but transfers economic power in Tibet toward Chinese settlers":: mercado paralelo
6.  greymail – "Ferreting out whistleblowers was just part of each litigant's strategy to play on the other's fear of sensitive information becoming public. Lawyers on both sides used the words greymail or blackmail during conversations":: estratégia de defesa processual que consiste em ameaça, por parte do réu, de revelar informação sigilosa caso a ação contra ele seja continuada
7.  grey zone agreement – "We have the so-called Gray Zone agreements where people agree to restrict their exports or keep their prices at a certain level":: acordo para limitar exportação, acordo de preços