Cake Stand              Salmon/Cucumber sandwiches    Scones with cream and jam

We went to Harvey Nichols' fifth floor tearoom to have an afternoon English Tea. This place caters mostly to locals. If you ask a British which place serves the best English tea you will hear: the Brown Hotel, the Ritz Hotel, etc. But these are not everyday places to have an English tea. They are very expensive. At Harvey Nichols (which is a department store) you can order a cake stand (a three-tiered tray with cucumber, egg and salmon sandwiches, scones and tartes, macaroons) and an extra cup. For two people, this is more than enough (although my daughter thinks the place has no tradition, I find it very charming: while you drink tea you have a view of the old domes of London).
            The Brits cherish everything old, very old. I even read somewhere that one of the Parliament members, to emphasize that a certain person had no history, said: "He is the kind of person who has to buy his own furniture!"
            Besides the tearooms, London has many champagne bars. They are everywhere. I asked why there were so many of them. And I was told they were there for you to celebrate anything very special - e.g.: being alive! Anyway, they are not my cup of tea.