INDUCTION MEETING: To discuss issues such as the companies' Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Policy. Safe work procedures for all work, including potentially hazardous on site activities. Statutory safety regulations and all relevant associated codes of practice. Introduction to the Environment Health and Safety Representative. Issue of and strict use of personal protective equipment. Introduction to the specific site environment. Special requirements related to the scope of work. ie. work permits, hazardous materials. Awareness of the hazards of sunlight exposure and heat exhaustion. Introduction to First Aid Kits and the Client Companies Medical Centre. All accidents and dangerous conditions are to be reported. Emergency and evacuation procedures. Site traffic rules. Smoking areas.

INTERFACE MEETINGS: Reuniões de acompanhamento (?) The noun interface has been around since the 1880s, meaning "a surface forming a common boundary, as between bodies or regions." But the word did not really take off until the 1960s, when it began to be used in the computer industry to designate the point of interaction between a computer and another system, such as a printer. The word was applied to other interactions as well-between departments in an organization, for example, or between fields of study. Shortly thereafter interface developed a use as a verb, but it never really caught on outside its niche in the computer world, where it still thrives. The Usage Panel has been unable to muster much enthusiasm for the verb. Thirty-seven percent of Panelists accept it when it designates the interaction between people in the sentence The managing editor must interface with a variety of freelance editors and proofreaders. But the percentage drops to 22 when the interaction is between a corporation and the public or between various communities in a city. Many Panelists complain that interface is pretentious and jargony. Certainly, it has no shortage of acceptable synonyms; cooperate, deal, exchange information, interact, and work present themselves as ready substitutes.

SHE MEETINGS: [Me Tarzan, You Jane?] Environment Health and Safety – SHE meetings include a safety walkabout to review safety performance and progress on improvement initiatives. At these meetings, the Business Unit General Manager also presents the safety performance of the previous six months and provides a progress report on the implementation of safety plan. All employees are required to attend these SHE meetings.

TOOLBOX MEETINGS = Why is safety toolbox meeting named as toolbox meeting? Safety Toolbox meetings are designed to address:Safety Issues; Safe Work Procedures and Safe Work Method Statements; Any suggestions for work safety and productivity. The meetings are an open discussion type where any incidents, specific work problems and general occurrences of the week are discussed and appropriate decisions, control measures or alternative work procedures are suggested. Different safety issues are also discussed in these meetings either from work related issues that the manager has chosen or about a topic that one of the employees feels there is a need to be trained in. For example, checking the safety of erected scaffolding before commencement of work. All minutes form safety toolbox meetings are documented and distributed on notice boards.

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