'I think therefore I am' - Rene Descartes


THEREFORE : For that reason or cause; consequently or hence. This adverb has 2 meanings:
Meaning #1: (from that fact or reason or as a result - used to introduce a logical conclusion - Synonyms: hence, thence, thus): 'I think therefore I am'
Meaning #2: (as a consequence - Synonym: consequently):
It is therefore concluded that in this respect XYZ breached the Code in failing to declare and take the proper action in respect of Personal Interest.
THEREFORE, it is concluded that they are, and have been for years, ...
Therefore, it is concluded that further measures might be needed for the protection of these features..

This adverb has one meaning):
Meaning #1: (in formal usage; especially legal usage) "for that" or "for it"
For that: ordering goods and enclosing payment therefor.
For it: "Thrice thereafter the temple was rebuilt, each time greater and more elaborately than before, but always on the site of the original shrine, though men forgot the reason therefor."