(verb): 1) To place facing east or to point east; 2) determine the position of something with reference to the east; 3) orient; 4) figuratively to determine one's true position. To align or position with respect to a point or system of reference: oriented the telescope toward the moon; oriented her interests toward health care. to determine the bearings of. To make familiar with or adjusted to facts, principles, or a situation. To focus (the content of a story or film, for example) toward the concerns and interests of a specific group. Familiarize. --It is suggested that "orientated" is used more by the British while "oriented" is used more by Americans, and more specifically in technical works.
---------Oriented and orientated are used interchangeably. Both verbs also mean to adjust to new surroundings or circumstances. When speaking or writing technically we talk about being oriented as in object-oriented programming while when speaking casually we can use orientated or oriented. Preference dictates usage although using either word may get you quizzical looks depending on your audience.
---------Service-oriented architecture (SOA), pode ser traduzido como arquitetura orientada a serviços, e é um estilo de arquitetura de software cujo princípio fundamental preconiza que as funcionalidades implementadas pelas aplicações devem ser disponibilizadas na forma de serviços.[1][2] Freqüentemente estes serviços são organizados através de um "barramento de serviços" (enterprise service bus, em inglês).
Service-oriented approach
Aspect-oriented software
object-oriented programming / thinking / design
concept-oriented paradigm
transist-oriented planning
Let's join hands and work together for the establishment of the good-neighbourly partnership of mutual trust oriented to the 21st century.
Quality services model oriented to customers.
Create a corporate culture oriented to optimizing performance...
Getting oriented to patient-oriented outcomes.
Cooperation oriented to the development of local “know how” and experience
A free UK orientated web directory that offers direct links for websites with no reciprocal required.
Are You A Family Orientated Person?
Poverty Orientated Agricultural and Rural Development.
Intervention orientated to the reduction in the vulnerability of women belonging to aboriginal communities
Align text orientated to the west at the lower right corner of ..
When a country changes from an inward orientated to an outward orientated strategy different economic policies are introduced
All new staff should be orientated to the policy within their first week of employment and then fully trained to implement it.
"He . . . stood for a moment, orientating himself exactly in the light of his knowledge"
---------Antonym: disorient
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