(noun): Strong/hostile criticism, a critical or censorious remark. Act of perceiving an object; attention; severe censure; reproof; serious blame; punishment. This word combines with on or upon but not with to from and for. So you wouldn't say "He has an animadversion to that house." You could say, "His animadversions on that house were totally uncalled for." It acquired more meaning due to the fact that paying close attention to anyone's conduct will surely show all their minor imperfections and in turn may cause someone to find fault with them. -----"He entertained serious animadversions concerning that country and its behavior on the international scene."
-----“I hardly ever have any animadversion on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Tremendous Blog!”
-----"This is as much an engrossing human interest story as it is a fascinating record of the metapolitics of that period or a wise animadversion on today’s political realities."
-----I wonder if my animadversion to the stiffness I found in his book is actually a pointer to a taste grounded in a kind of exteriorised sentimentality--a Dickensian mannikinesque or roboticised outward projection of the inner life”.
Source: YourDictionary