Imminent: "impending, verging on occurrence" as an imminent thunderstorm.
Eminent: "prominent, outstanding or standing out above others" as an "eminent peak" or an "eminent logician."
Immanent: 1) Bodily fluids and semi-fluids such as blood, lymph, or glandular secretions that excite a response; the fluids of the eye; 2) The comical, what is funny and anything that causes it; also, a mood.
Suggested Usage: An immanent evil is a pervasive evil fully integrated into humans, society, or some other system. A person might be guilty of an immanent affection for someone else, i.e. a purely mental, interior or subjective love that the affection's target might be unaware of. We all enjoy people possessed of an immanent light that illumines all the places they go.
Source: YourDictionary