Render (verb): (1) to give, deliver, or present (render assistance, render a decision, render an apology); (2) to melt down and/or extract in liquid form (render fat, oils, cider); (3) to create a work of artistic, dramatic, or musical interpretation (Thelonius Monk rendered "'Round Midnight" beautifully); (4) to coat with plaster or stucco; (5) to make or cause (render someone helpless). There are probably more.

Renderer: Someone (or something) who renders.”What's the best renderer of the world ? Apple claims that this makes Safari not only the world's fastest browser -- something we'll be testing, naturally -- but also the fastest renderer (executor / executante[?]) of JavaScript, with rendering speeds (velocidades de execução) 30 times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 and three times faster than Mozilla's Firefox 3.

Rendering / Rendition (noun). "Rendition" is generally restricted to reference to musical and dramatic rendering: "The Philadelphia Orchestra's rendition of Schumann's symphonies is exquisite."

"Helmut, when he had finished rendering the pig of its lard, rendered his house with stucco, and rounded off the day by rendering Beethoven's Ninth on his ukulele."
“This sentence renders me speechless (a rare state).”
“The Japanese term gappei is written in the characters meaning together, total, fit, match, and put together or combine in the first character and put together in the second. The term gappei can be rendered in English as merger, amalgamation or consolidation.”

Source: YourDictionary