(noun): A set of methods or procedures used in a discipline; the theoretical analysis of methods of inquiry or principles guiding a certain field.

Usage: Otherwise careful speakers confuse this word with "method." The two words are not synonymous. A method is the tool or procedure by which an activity is carried out. A methodology is the set of principles that determine how methods are used. The methodology of the social sciences include field study, statistical analysis, and theoretical constructs, each of which represents a method of studying social issues.

Suggested Usage: Many of us are guilty of the same sin: a preference for talking to doing, "Reingold and Philip argued the methodology of cooking poultry, comparing the relative advantages of baking, frying, boiling and grilling. In the meantime, Geraldine chose one method and baked a duck for herself and the boys." Remember, a methodology is a panoply of methods: "Our methodology for controlling our employees comprises several procedures, including trading unruly ones to nearby companies that pay less."
Source: YourDictionary