Outro dia um cliente enviou um texto para tradução em que todos os valores em euros eram mostrados assim: “€U 000”. Fiquei intrigada e fui pesquisar se isso tinha algum fundamento. Encontrei na Wikipedia:

Where should the euro symbol be placed: ‘€ 100’ or ‘100 €’?
There are no official standards on where to place the euro symbol. In English text, the usual practice is to place the symbol "€" before the amount in figures, i.e. € 100. In French text, the symbol is usually placed after the amount in figures, i.e. 100 €. On the spelling of the word ‘euro’, the European Commission has issued guidelines for all European Union official languages (see table). It is recommended that the ISO currency code "EUR" rather than the symbol "€" be used for expressing amounts in official documents, e.g. contracts and eurocheques.

The formal titles of the currency are euro for the major unit and cent for the minor (one hundredth) unit and for official use in most Eurozone languages; according to the ECB, all languages should use the same spelling for the nominative singular. This may contradict normal rules for word formation in some languages; e.g., those where there is no eu diphthong. For non-legally binding texts in English, the European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation recommends that the plural forms euros and cents should be used when appropriate.