polêmica (1) The art of debate and argumentation; (2) a passionate defense or refutation of an argument.
This word may be used as an adjective in the first sense of the noun, while "polemical" is usually preferred for the second sense.
The general activity is usually expressed in the plural, "polemics," and a person who engages in polemics is a polemicist. "Polemics" also refers specifically to that branch of theology that specializes in the refutation of errors of interpretation that creep into doctrine.
This word can entail a negative connotation, especially around political situations, "Little truth emerged from the polemics of the two opposing candidates." The meaning is not necessarily negative, however. A polemic for environmental preservation could be simply a passionate argument. Household uses also emerge, particularly, if you have contact with a modern teenager: "Spare me the polemic on woman's lib and clean up your room—at least pick up the clothes that are growing to the floor!"
Source: Your Dictionary