Definition: A female parent. One who gives birth to and/or permanently nurtures, comforts and protects a child.

Usage: As befits the term, "mother" is the progenitor of a large and meaningful word family. "Motherly" is the adjective and adverb of today's word, as in "motherly love" and "she motherly wiped the little boy's tears away." "Motherliness" is the noun expressing the warmth, nurturing concern and protectiveness that give the root, "mother," its true meaning. Just as many mothers work two jobs, so does this word—it also does the work of a verb: "Mothering and working are full-time jobs which can try (estressar?) the best of mothers."

Suggested Usage: Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Mother of God, Mother Goose (the originator of all children's stories since the book's first printing in 1719), the mother lode, the motherland—even the motherboard in your computer. Mothers are associated in all our minds with our origins and what is essential, crucial, and most important.
Source: YourDictionary