keepsake (n.): Something given or kept; a memento.
memento (n): A reminder of the past; a keepsake.
memorabilia (pl.n.): Objects valued for their connection with historical events, culture, or entertainment: posters, publicity photographs, and other movie memorabilia. Events or experiences worthy of remembrance: a book containing the memorabilia of a life in the theater.
memorial (n.): Something, such as a monument or holiday, intended to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or an event. A written statement of facts or a petition presented to a legislative body or an executive.
recollection (n.): The act or power of recollecting. Something recollected.
remembrance (n.): The act or process of remembering. The state of being remembered: holds him in fond remembrance. Something serving to celebrate or honor the memory of a person or event; a memorial. The length of time over which one's memory extends. Something remembered; a reminiscence. A souvenir. A greeting or token expressive of affection.
reminder (n.): Something that causes one to remember.
reminiscence (n.): The act or process of recollecting past experiences or events. An experience or event recollected: “Her mind seemed wholly taken up with reminiscences of past gaiety” (Charlotte Brontë). A narration of past experiences. Often used in the plural. An event that brings to mind a similar, former event.
souvenir (n.): A token of remembrance; a memento.
token (n.): Something serving as an indication, proof, or expression of something else; a sign: “Tears are queer tokens of happiness”. Something that signifies or evidences authority, validity, or identity: The scepter is a token of regal status. A distinguishing feature or characteristic. One that represents a group, as an employee whose presence is used to deflect from the employer criticism or accusations of discrimination. A keepsake or souvenir. A piece of stamped metal used as a substitute for currency: subway tokens.
trophy: A prize or memento, such as a cup or plaque, received as a symbol of victory, especially in sports. A specimen or part, such as a lion's head, preserved as a token of a successful hunt. A memento, as of one's personal achievements. The spoils of war, dedicated in classical antiquity with an inscription to a deity and set up as a temporary monument on or near a battlefield, placed in an existing temple, or housed in a permanent, new structure. Architecture: An ornamental marble carving or bronze casting depicting a group of weapons or armor placed upon a square or circular base.

Source: YourDictionary