Um verbo que veio a calhar (como é mesmo “veio a calhar”? - to come in handy) hoje, Dia da Feira Escandinava.
to buy something quickly before other people buy it, because it is cheap (bem, as coisas lá não são that cheap, but, anyway, it’s charity)

E.g.1: These new toys are very popular, so I snapped one up before the shop sold them all.
E.g.2: My friend is very mean; he goes on holiday at Christmas then snaps up all the cheap gifts in the January sales and gives them to his friends as late Christmas presents (a cavalo dado...)

(This phrasal verb has more than one meaning; it can be separated.) Source: Knight's English
So, go to Feira Escandinava (Clube Pinheiros – Av. Faria Lima) and snap up everything you can! (not my case, baby, my thing now is “the simple life” but, some smoked salmon from time to time is rather nice)