qualificação / capacitação / habilitação / aptidão
The act of qualifying or the condition of being qualified.
Qualification = entitlement
1. A quality, ability, or accomplishment that makes a person suitable for a particular position or task.
2. A condition or circumstance that must be met or complied with: fulfilled the qualifications for registering to vote in the presidential election.
3. A restriction or modification: an offer with a number of qualifications.
4. Reference in the audit report (por exemplo: uma "ressalva" / "exceção") to a material limitation placed on the auditor's examination or to uncertainty regarding a specific item in the financial statements. See also Qualified Opinion, Report. A restricting or modifying element:
condition, provision, proviso, reservation, specification, stipulation, term (often used in plural). Informal string (often used in plural). See limited/unlimited.
without provisos or qualifications = sem ressalvas ou emendas
qualified acceptance = aceitação com ressalvas
unqualified / without qualification = sem ressalvas
5. Reservation in a proposed agreement making the agreement unenforceable unless a specified condition is met.
6. Technical competence to perform a particular job, such as passing the CPA examination and meeting experience requirements in order to be licensed as a certified public accountant.
The quality or state of being eligible:
eligibility, fitness, suitability, suitableness, worthiness. See ability/inability.
A particular attribute, quality, property, or possession that an individual must have in order to be eligible to fill an office or perform a public duty or function.
For example, attaining the
age of majority is a qualification that must be met before an individual has the capacity to enter into a contract.
IN BRIEF: Any skill that fits a person for some work.The term qualification may refer to:
Professional certification (also called simply qualification) = ·A certificate of having passed a course such as a GCSE.
Product certification (also called product qualification)
·A process of deciding the running order in many
racing events, and other sport.
Qualification problem of non-monotonic logic.
procedural qualification claim = pedido de habilitação processual
qualification of goods = qualificativo de mercadoria
Motion For Disqualification: Exceção de impedimento e suspeição
Disqualification: Descredenciamento, desclassificação, incompetência (court)
non-qualification: não qualificação
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