ser "do contra" (?)
A mugwump (noun) behaves mugwumpishly (the adverb), is positively mugwumpish (the adjective) for engaging in mugwumpery (the noun).
Definition: A person who acts independently, whose position is distinct from all other positions on an issue; in particular, a politician who acts independent of any party.
Usage: This is a word that sounds odd, even in English. However, it has been used as a verb without suffix or prefix, as to mugwump on a controversial issue.
"Jiggs is an old mugwump who threw his vote away on the Save-the-Platypus Party in the last election." The difference is that a mugwump is a political rebel of sorts—any sort: "Zelda, you're just a mugwump; you never want to do what the rest of the family does."
Source: YourDictionary.com