The CAPITOL building...is situated in the CAPITAL city.
The STATUE had such STATURE...there was a STATUTE to protect it.
Members of the COUNCIL...mocked the lawyers for their COUNSEL.
It is my guiding TENET...to overcharge my TENANTS.
Each business was a DISCRETE entity...so we had to be DISCREET.
A judge should be DISINTERESTED...but never UNINTERESTED.
The arrival of the EMINENT scientist...was thought to be IMMINENT.
I tried to AFFECT the jury's decision...the EFFECT of which was a fine.
They FLAUNTED the fact...that they FLOUTED the law.
I was asked to FORWARD...the new FOREWORD I had written.
One should be WARY...of driving when WEARY.
I took a PEEK at the mountain PEAK...which had PIQUED my curiosity.
Poor weather meant the GUERILLAS shot...the GORILLAS in the mist.
Due to the RAIN throughout her REIGN...the Queen grips her REINS.
After FLOUNDERING about...he FOUNDERED beneath the waves.
The school PRINCIPAL...is a woman of few PRINCIPLES.
The vehicle delivering STATIONERY...was STATIONARY in the rush-hour traffic.
The COMPLIMENTARY wine...COMPLEMENTED the fish perfectly.
The police could not ELICIT a confession...about his ILLICIT activities.
The STRAIT of Hormuz...is far from STRAIGHT.
There was an ORDINANCE...against firing any ORDNANCE.
His company was INTOLERABLE...because he was so INTOLERANT.
Building SITES are splendid SIGHTS...so we CITE them in our guide.

We could go no FURTHER with our argument for lower gas prices...so we went FARTHER down the Interstate to find another filling station.
The British say ALUMINIUM (5 syllables and an extra I)...and Americans say ALUMINUM (4 syllables).
My blade is dull, therefore I will HONE it...and then HOME in on the target.
INDIRECT lighting will enhance this room...but it could be IN DIRECT conflict with the building code.
Sassafras IMPLIED that I would not be invited...so I INFERRED from Sassafras's remarks that I would be watching TV alone.
I want to be HEALTHY...so I am on a HEALTHFUL diet.
I will LEND you money...and you will call it a LOAN.
We take pride in how we SERVE our customers...and also in how we SERVICE their equipment.
We fix mistakes EVERY DAY...fixing mistakes is an EVERYDAY activity here.
There are FEWER cars on I-95 now...so there is LESS work for the toll takers.
You are a genius, I.E., you are unusually gifted....she, on the other hand, is a dimwit who cares for only a few things, E.G., boys, fast cars, and cheeseburgers.
When you earn more THAN Matilda...THEN you can brag to the entire world.
EX-president Bill Clinton...met with FORMER president Jimmy Carter to compare accents.
Mortimer seemed INDIFFERENT to the offer...so Mack put it IN DIFFERENT words and asked to go over it again.
MORE IMPORTANT, we need to win the election...so that this issue can be treated MORE IMPORTANTLY than it has been.
Because you RAISE such a good question...we will RISE to the occasion and provide an accurate answer.
BRING the report when you come to see me...and TAKE the dirty laundry when you leave my office.
I feel BAD about the accident...because he was hurt BADLY in it.
You must wait for A WHILE...and I will wait AWHILE too...but I saw John A WHILE back.
I am AVERSE to the idea...of you sailing in such ADVERSE weather conditions.
The speaker had many COMPLIMENTARY things to say about your book...of which I got a COMPLIMENTARY copy...now I look forward to bringing my COMPLEMENTARY skills to your office staff.
The arrival of the EMINENT politician...was IMMINENT, so we did not leave the bus station.
He was BORN in India...and when he was five, he was BORNE by an elephant in a parade.
He drank the rich BOUILLON...as he greedily stacked the newly stolen BULLION.
Okay, I will BROACH the subject...how much will you take for that gorgeous BROOCH you're wearing?