capital social: capital stock (gen./bal.)
share capital (S.A.)
unit capital (Ltda.)
corporate capital; equity capital; stock capital (genérico)
Outros significados para "capital": Major, large, critical, most important; punishable by death (capital crime); pertaining to investment wealth.
capital (wealth), capital (city), capital (letter). But the capitol is the building in which a legislature meets. In all its other meanings, adjective or noun, the word is spelled "capital."
The capitol (building) is in the capital (city).
In Britain and elsewhere to indicate excellence: "Go out dancing in the rain? What a capital idea!" By itself, it belongs to the family of exclamations expressing greatest pleasure: "Great!" "Awesome!" "Far out!" "Capital!" It is always a capital idea to deploy a rich mix of such hyperbolic interjections in your conversations.