Cursory (adjective) ['kêrs-êr-ee] = uma olhada rápida ("por cima")

Definition: Passing over something in haste, paying little attention to detail, as a cursory reading of a text.

Usage: Today's word should not be confused with cursorial [kêr-'sor-ee-yêl] "adapted to or designed for running," as the cursorial legs of the ostrich. The adverb for today's word is "cursorily" ['kêrs-êr-ê-li] and the noun is "cursoriness."

Suggested Usage: It might seem that words based on the Latin root for "run" are running the English lexicon: "After a cursory discourse on the curriculum in the corridor, Carpenter concurred with his charge on the current courses and told him to carry on."

But back to business. "Cursory" is most of ten associated with reading, but almost any activity may be cursory: "After cursorily dusting the room and pretending to vacuum, Valerie decided that the afternoon would be better spent watching soap operas."

Fonte: Dr. Language (YourDictionary.com)