New gTLD (Generic Top Level Domains) for the Internet

On the 20th June 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), announced its decision to allow applications for generic Top Level Domains – gTLDs. In essence, this decision opens the floodgates of domain name creativity; this is no longer a <.com> world, restricted by locality (<.br>, <.uk>) by classification (<.edu>, <.mil>) or by company structure (<.com>, <.org>, <.biz>). The revolution has begun! Own a restaurant? Apply for <.food>, <.menu>, <.eat>, <.dine>. Run your own clinic? Apply for <.med>, <.doc>, <.cure>. In the adventure industry? Look at <.snow>, <.ski>, <.dive>!

The new gTLD process has been a work in progress – but the finishing touches are now being made, and the world is preparing for the emergence of a revolutionised internet directory.