intr.v., busked, busk·ing, busks.
To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.
        I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about busking for people that want to go busking for the first time, people that busk and are looking for new spots and also for the people that have to listen to our crap day in day out and just long for someone else to busk there for a change....kind of like and spot swap idea really
         I'll post here all the places I have been busking and how good it is to busk so you can see the hot spots and the not spots to busk....
         Tonbridge - a really cool spot to busk is in the angel walk opposit superdrug. its perfectly legal and no licence is needed. you'll make good money here and all the surrounding shops nomally come out and make requests and leave you something except the hairdressers opposite. just ignore them.
        Tunbrige wells - another great place to busk especially if your music is very different. there is more cultural awareness here than tonbridge and you more likely to get a good response. i went busking here with fleassy with a drum and didge and it went down really well.
        Brighton - Brighton can be a really good place to busk but you have to be very picky on the time of day. there are two main places ive busked here. one is in the south lanes where two pathes meet at a t junction by the pub. Here is the favorite spot but make sure you go into the shops and ask how long you can busk for first as this spot is used by lots of buskers and they get a lot! as long as you play by thier rules then its all good. try to avoid days where is hot and sunny because it seems that people wont have the time of day for you.......fair enough i suppose
        The best busking times ive found to busk in anyplaces is between 12 and 3. this seems to be because its lunchtime and people have loads of change from their consumer culture lunches and want to throw their money around.....who am I to complain...
        I also busked in Staines yesterday and the day before. not actually that bad of a spot. £15 for 30 - 40 mins sounds pretty good for me  even the chavs were dancing and nodding and giving the thumbs up!"
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