UTILIZE vs. USE:  Are there circumstances where 'utilized' is better than 'used'? Or has a different meaning?
            A number of critics have remarked that utilize is an unnecessary substitute for use. It is true that many occurrences of utilize could be replaced by use with no loss to anything but pretentiousness, for example, in sentences such as They utilized questionable methods in their analysis or We hope that many commuters will continue to utilize mass transit after the bridge has reopened. But utilize can mean "to find a profitable or practical use for." Thus the sentence The teachers were unable to use the new computers might mean only that the teachers were unable to operate the computers, whereas The teachers were unable to utilize the new computers suggests that the teachers could not find ways to employ the computers in instruction.
Usar e Utilizar – diferenças de uso.
Sempre que o uso for específico, usa-se a palavra usar.
        - Foram usados uma faca para cortar carne e um garfo para comer arroz.
Quando for preciso substituir, utiliza-se utilizar.
        - Utilizei uma faca para parafusar uma dobradiça, pois não havia uma chave de fenda para usar.
        - Utilizei uma chaleira para ferver leite, pois a leiteira foi utilizada para ferver água.