A Chinese Fable: The Tiger and the Cat
                Once upon a time, a tiger asked a cat to teach him her skills, and he promised he would not eat her. Day after day the cat taught her tricks to the tiger patiently. One day, the tiger thought that he had learned everything and now he could eat the cat. But as the tiger approached the cat, the cat jumped onto a nearby tall tree and climbed to the top branch.
               The tiger then realized that the cat had not taught him how to climb trees. And to this date, tigers can't climb trees. They can just stand there and stare. That's the punishment for their ungratefulness.
               Gratitude is a trait of a person of character. In every phase of our lives we meet a lot of different people and many will help us. And even though someone who helps does not expect a compensation, a person of character will be grateful.
Moral da história: "Nem tudo os mestres ensinam aos seus discípulos".