"DISPOSITION OF NONCONFORMING SUPPLIES - ... Maintain a record of the disposition decision and action thereon. A copy of each rejection report or disposition action shall be furnished to the Government Inspector. Seller management shall quarterly audit and review all rejection reports that have not been finally dispositioned."
"Dispositioning", as used in this form means completion of action required of the Seller toward resolving the deficiency (i.e., submittal of DSR or repair procedure to Buyer, repair of deficiency after approval of repair procedure, etc.).
"Final dispositioning" means completion of all actions by all involved organizations to completely resolve the deficiency.
One's usual mood; temperament: a sweet disposition.
a. A habitual inclination; a tendency: a disposition to disagree.
b. A physical property or tendency: a swelling with a disposition to rupture.
Arrangement, positioning, or distribution: a cheerful disposition of colors and textures; a convoy oriented into a north-south disposition.
A final settlement: disposition of the deceased's property.
An act of disposing; a bestowal or transfer to another.
a. The power or liberty to control, direct, or dispose.
b. Management; control.
PRIVITY: of contract is the principle that a contract cannot give rights to, or impose obligations on, any person who is not a party to the contract.
CONSIDERATION: As used in this section, 'total consideration paid' includes money or anything of value which is paid or delivered in exchange for the goods.
UNCONSCIONABLE [absurdo, imprudente]:   adj. Not restrained by conscience; unscrupulous: unconscionable behavior. Beyond prudence or reason; excessive: unconscionable spending.
The amount of the arbitration fee may be unconscionable because it is excessive in relation to the value of the underlying claim.