blanket (noun ): Applying to or covering all conditions or instances: a blanket insurance policy. Applying to or covering all members of a class: blanket sanctions against human-rights violators.
umbrella (noun): Something that encompasses or covers many different elements or groups

blanket agreement / contract ( an agreement that applies throughout an organisation, industry or geographical area) = contrato abrangente; contrato que rege um grupo de produtos ou serviços.
blanket insurance = seguro coletivo / genérico / global
blanket moratorium = moratória unilateral
blanket policy = apólice global; apólice cobrindo locais não especificados
blanket price = preço global
blanket vacations = férias coletivas

excess/umbrella coverage = cobertura excedente/compreensiva
umbrella brand = marca global
umbrella facility / funds = fundos globais ou não traduzir
umbrella insurance = seguro coletivo
umbrella organization = organização tutelar

Professor Schwartz said that such a blanket agreement could transform international privacy law.
• The courts have ruled that certain blanket agreements are not enforceable (=valid).
• Under the blanket agreement, employees were forced to sign away their rights to bring a legal claim.
• The Ministry of Defence has entered into blanket agreements with favoured defence companies.
• Nyeholt had twice signed a blanket agreement purporting to bind it to the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.
Additional notes
• The term blanket agreement commonly refers to collective bargaining agreements that apply to workers. However, it now has a more general meaning and can be used to refer to all types of agreement that apply to an identifiable group throughout an organisation, industry or geographical area.
• A blanket agreement can also be called a master agreement.
Source: Translegal et al