Anti libel-tourism bill signed into law

The Speech Act protecting Americans from libel tourism has been signed into federal law. The practice of filing lawsuits in a foreign country because it has more lax standards on libel is known as "libel tourism." The law, which is the first to offer nationwide federal protection, was modeled on a New York state law inspired by an author who faced a libel tourism lawsuit over a book on terrorism financing. In addition to blocking enforcement, the new federal law will allow defendants to clear their names by obtaining a declaratory judgment in a United States court. Americans now can expose in speech and in writing our country's enemies without fear of being sued and losing because of unfavorable foreign laws. Americans have been sued abroad, particularly in England, which makes it much more difficult and costly to defend from such suits, which are deemed frivolous and malicious suits. Problem is, New York's law offer s more protection, but the federal statute may supersede state laws. An amendment is being proposed in Congress.
Source: Migalhas