----------(Noun) “No cenário trabalhista, conhecemos diversos tipos de licença, remunerada (paid) ou não (unpaid) pelo empregador, sem ou com garantia de emprego (job protected leave). Nesse contexto, a tradução do termo licença para o inglês é, em regra, leave [of absence]. Tanto o termo leave como o termo licença formam colocações com diversos outros termos. Entre essas combinações lexicais temos:
----------licença adoção – foster care leave - "Foster care leave: When an employee becomes a foster parent, he/she may request and be granted up to 12 weeks of leave, to be taken any time during the 12 months beginning with the date of placement of the child."
----------licença gestante – pregnancy leave - "Failing to credit female workers for pregnancy leave in their pensions amounts to a current violation of antidiscrimination laws."
----------licença maternidade – maternity leave - "Out of 177 countries surveyed, 169 offer paid maternity leave, 145 guarantee paid sick days, 137 mandate paid vacation[…]"
----------licença médica – medical leave - "Troubling news tonight for Apple cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence until the end of June."
----------licença não remunerada – unpaid leave - [The] "Family and Medical Leave Act, which allowed workers at larger firms to take unpaid leave because of pregnancy or medical conditions."
----------licença paternidade – paternity leave - "[…] we all know that the concept of men taking paternity leave is still taboo in plenty of workplaces."
----------licença remunerada – paid leave - [In] "BULGARIA Moms receive 45 days of paid leave prior to their due date, and can take a full two years of paid leave per child."
----------licença saúde – sick leave, disability leave - "In 1978, Congress passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which required companies to offer pregnancy leave on equal terms with disability leave policies for men."
----------licença trabalhista – worker’s leave - "Unless there is a relevant agreement for another date, the worker’s leave year begins on the date employment commenced […]"
Atenção para o cognato license (e.g. driver’s license), pois nem sempre representará a alternativa de tradução mais idiomática."
Source: Migalaw English