(adjective): Prevalent, widespread, occurring in great numbers over a wide area; abundant, plentiful.Usage: Today's word may be compared: the comparative is "rifer" and the superlative is "rifest." The noun is "rifeness."

"Keep in mind that the rifest blog is under continuous updating process, though we cannot guarantee any data completness due to vast amount of words. Rifest status is currenty set to - open for additions." "Land disputes are now rifer than ever making indigenous tribes around the area live a life of uncertainty." "This summer, Maresias was rifer than usual with love and lovesickness."

This adjective leads an interesting double life with two prepositions that allow switching its subject and object. We may say, "E-mail abuse is rife in the workplace" or "The workplace is rife with e-mail abuse."

Although this word is more often associated with pejorative abundance (rife with bribery, dope, abuse), positive associations are equally possible: "Even today the economy is rife with opportunities" or
"I live in a community rife with support and cooperation." "I hope this blog is always rife with information about the English language and that information about English is rife in YourDictionary."

Source: Your Dictionary