commute (v.intr.): To travel as a commuter. To make substitution or exchange. To serve as a substitute. To pay in gross, usually at a reduced rate, rather than in individual payments. To satisfy or engage in a commutative operation (Math). (v.tr.): To substitute (one thing for another); exchange. To change (a penalty, debt, or payment) to a less severe one. (noun): An act or instance of commuting, especially the trip made by a commuter: a 22-mile commute; an easy commute.

telecommute: to work at home using a computer. telecommuter: a person who telecommutes.

We, translators, are eco-friendly (or environmentally friendly): we reduce our eco footprints when we work at home and do not use any kind of vehicle to go to work.

"Telecommuters spend at least part of their workday at home or a telecottage, using computers or other telecommunications equipment. Most telecommuters live on the fringe of large cities and in the suburbs and exurbs, in what is known as the "two-hour telecommuting ring". Nowadays, they are being used by almost every office and organization. ... Most people who use the telecommuting method have their own timings on everything. For the telecommuter, this ability to set a more convenient schedule might be the most rewarding benefit of telecommuting." Source: Answers.com