liable: responsible or answerable in law.
“The court held the defendant liable under the contract.”
Related term: personally liable: legally obligated or responsible in a personal way; strictly liable: liable without any fault.
Synonyms: responsible: "The board of directors is responsible for hiring the managing director."
accountable: "Children under the age of 16 are not legally accountable for their actions."
Antonyms: immune: "A judge is immune from prosecution for decisions taken in the course of performing her job."
Other forms of the word: liability (noun): "The general meeting voted to grant the board of directors a discharge from liability for the preceding financial year."
Common phrases: liable for costs / personally liable / jointly and severally liable / strictly liable
Usage notes: The words liable and libel (written defamation of another person) can sound very similar. Exercise caution when listening or speaking; to help you, remember that liable is an adjective and libel is a noun.
Source: Translegal