(Verb) To make or become better, to improve.
“Meliorate” was the original word which, influenced by French "améliorer," became “ameliorate”. Mas “meliorate” continua tão válida quanto. Palavras derivadas: meliorable: "improvable," meliorative:" making better," the action noun "melioration," and the agent noun, meliorator "one who makes things better."

"You could meliorate your life (and mine) immensely by whining less about yourself and thinking more of others."
"In fact, human relationships provide multitudinous opportunities for melioration."
"Would it meliorate our relationship if I spent less time with you?"
"The greatest meliorator of the world is selfish, huckstering trade."
"While technically improvable, few would dispute the visual appeal of this satin- surfaced High Relief".
"The objects of certain attitudes can be captured by descriptions that are neutral and attitude-
independent. Such attitudes colour* terms that are pejorative or meliorative (e.g., the mildly derogatory Greek "barbaros", whose sense, fixing its extension, was the same as that of ‘non-Greek’)." *Este é o verbo nesta frase.
Source: Your Dictionary