Suffuse: To spread throughout or all over, to permeate or infuse thoroughly (impregnar, derramar, cobrir, molhar, difundir). suffusion/suffusive ("tending to suffuse") as a suffusive sense of happiness at the arrival of spring. Examples: "The sky above the roof is suffused with deep colors”. "The soil was suffused with so much mercury that nothing could be built on it." "Her every word was suffused with warmth and understanding."

Perfuse: To pour all over or throughout (perfundir, derramar, aspergir). Force a fluid through (a body part or tissue); 'perfuse a liver with a salt solution'

Infuse: To infuse is to pour into so as to permeate (infundir, administrar, inspirar). Ex.: Remove from the heat, cover and leave to infuse for 30 minutes.This strike will infuse new life into their ranks. She even manages to infuse warmth and humanity into her novel.

Effuse: to pour forth, usually profusely, as blood from a serious wound or good spirits from a happy person (efundir, emitir / irradiar (metaforicamente) derramar, verter, despejar). Effusive (efusivo). Ex.: His walk, talk and actions seem to effuse comedy. 'The room effuses happiness' .
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