(noun) the act of preventing or excluding something (perempção; preclusão, impedimento) >< (aceitação, confissão, inclusão)

  • preclusion: “The preclusion of spousal testimony resulted in the charges being dropped."
  • prevention: "One of the purposes of international recognition of judgments is the prevention of repetitive litigation in several jurisdictions."
  • admission: "The admission of the testimony led to a conviction."
  • inclusion: "The law requires inclusion of students with disabilities in all assessment programs."

Other forms of the word

  • preclude (verb): "The gag order precluded the attorneys from discussing the case with the media."
  • preclusive (adjective): "Administrative decisions can have a preclusive effect on lawsuits for wrongful termination."

Related concept

  • estoppel (perempção; preclusão, impedimento): an impediment which precludes proceeding with a certain cause of action or presenting a certain fact or issue in litigation. "Collateral estoppel is a doctrine whereby a party is prevented from raising a legal issue that has previously been determined as between the parties."