disclose (verb): "The parties agree not to disclose the contents of this agreement to any third party."divulge: "As a rule, a bank is not permitted to divulge information about its customers."
disclosure (noun): "The Prime Minister's stance against disclosure is threatened by...". Public policy considerations favoured disclosure rather than confidentiality." concealment (noun) : "The defendant was found guilty of fraud by concealment."

reveal: "The documents revealed that the builder knew that the construction failed to meet industry standards."

conceal (verb): to hide, to keep secret, to withhold from disclosure. "When he applied for a driving licence in England, he concealed the fact that his Mexican driving licence had been suspended."
conceal assets: to hide cash or other assets from a governmental authority. "In this jurisdiction, it is a crime to conceal assets from the court during divorce proceedings."
conceal the facts: to hide the truth. "One of the purposes of corporate governance statutes is to prevent companies from concealing the facts about intra-group transactions."
conceal sources: the refusal of a journalist to reveal the source of his or her information. "The court found that the reporter's right to conceal her sources was unequivocal in this case."
Source: Translegal and other