plural: stone. (Abbr. st.) A unit of weight in Great Britain, 14 pounds (6.4 kilograms).

E a tradução? Uns recomendam que se mantenha "stone", outros, como o termo não é de conhecimento e uso geral no Brasil (e libras também não) , fazer a conversão. Assim, "I need to lose 4 stone", ficaria: "Preciso perder 25 kg" (4 x 6.4 = 25,6) (arredondado, porque ninguém diria "preciso perder 1 kg e 223 gramas", por exemplo.

- If you are not exactly 8 or 7 stone, you would say 8 stone 3 or 8 stone and three pounds.

- Women will put on a staggering 15.5 stone in their lifetimes, according to new research. But don't worry, dieting means the average British woman will also lose 10 stone.

- Lose Half Stone In a Week With a Healthy Diet! (Pois é o que estou tentando fazer!)

( Potatoes, for example, were traditionally sold in stone or half-stone (14-pound or 7-pound quantities).
(In the United States and Canada, where stone as a unit of weight is generally unknown, people would normally describe themselves as weighing "158 pounds" (using the same amount of weight as in the previous example).
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